RDL understands that quality tactical uniform and gear can mean the difference between success and failure of a mission. That is why over these two decades, we have grown to be the unparalleled choice of  Military and police force throughout the world, supplying up to 2 million sets of uniform annually.

When RDL first started, we operated a factory dedicated to the manufacture of military uniforms for export to the Middle East and Africa through French and Korean counterparts.
Through continuous innovation over these two decades, RDL has moved in leaps and bounds, leveraging on technological advancements, consultation of experts and strategic collaborations that allowed RDL to streamline our efficiency, quality and production output as well as management.
RDL has established agencies all over the world to supply top performance teams with the full range of Police, Military and Security equipment. We have extended our presence with three additional offices in Nanjing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong as well as Branches in Sudan and Saudi Arabia with a team of specialized staff to cater to the customers’ logistical requirements and after sales follow-up.
As our partner, you save the hassle of purchasing from multiple suppliers as we are the leader in total tactical solutions.
In 2007, RDL was awarded the internationally acclaimed ISO 9002 certification.
RDL regularly exhibits in premier military expos like MILIPOL as well as the Canton Fair. We are committed to pushing boundaries in enhancements on all fronts. At present RDL has undertaken strategic partnerships with European and Asian partners to extend our core product range.
We also partner reputable American and European brands such as 3M, UNITEX, CORDURA and VIBRAM to create optimal quality products for advanced markets.
RDL is familiar with the requirements of the market, experienced and sensitive to the religious and cultural aspects of our customers and is keen to establish long term relationships with customers based on quality, trust and friendship. Our long term customers are a testament to this.
We believe in seeking out nations and clients who believe in giving their most valuable assets the best chance for success. It is imperative that you leverage on the latest technological advancements where lives are involved.
It's your battle, after all, and we're here to support you in every way we can.
        RDL Vision and Mission
RDL Vision
To be the brand synonymous with reliability and quality for customers in the Military / Police / Security industry.

RDL Mission Statement
To thoroughly understand the needs of our partners and help them achieve their missions through our service and quality excellence.
        RDL Note to Customers
We are proud to showcase RDL's latest products in this 4th edition of our catalogue. This print edition is just a representation of our comprehensive equipment provision- use this reference hand in hand with our website to view our complete range of  military supplies.

But first, we have to voice our heartfelt thanks to our existing customers for your unwavering support and feedback. Your demands for the highest standards are what lead us to our standing today. We promise to continue our dedication to military supplies of the highest standards for your needs.

As the military forces around the world become increasingly sophisticated, our company has also evolved to meet this new demand for high quality products that can meet the test of the severest of battle conditions, for we understand that the lives of the users depend on the functionality and effectiveness of their equipment.In this edition we have devised an innovative method of showcasing our products and hope that it will be more intuitive and helpful in meeting your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.